HAUS of HAIRROR aims to create a safe space in a world of horrors. By incorporating breathwork and mindfulness into each appointment, you’re guided to be present in the moment and begin developing a relationship with yourself. You deserve to feel your best and what better way to feel your best than a fresh haircut or a bomb colour? 

Whether it’s a haircut, a treatment, or a colour correction, taking care of your hair is a step towards taking care of yourself. We offer a variety of services from simple cuts and stunning natural colour services to rainbow mohawks and extensions. With the help of products from Wella and Artego, you’ll be leaving the studio feeling fresh and ready to be yourself. All products used are paraben and sulfate-free. 

Jennifer Knowles


HAUS of HAIRROR is run by Jennifer Knowles, a graduate of Marca College’s Hair Styling program and an advocate for mental health and eating disorders, with the belief that everyone deserves to have hair that represents their truest self. Located in Toronto, ON, Jennifer is determined to create a safe space for everybody to feel comfortable to get their hair done.