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It has been a hella long time since we last talked? How are you? Have you been taking care of yourselves? I have been through a roller-coaster of events and I cannot wait to share it all with you. I’ve been hard at work at recovering from my eating disorder and building a life worth living, which (for those of you who don’t know what that means) is building a life that is worth leaving one’s eating disorder behind –

So, the last time we talked I was heading into my first day at Toronto General Hospital’s Day Hospital Program and I was terrified of the reality of going into treatment: leaving behind my eating disorder. It’s still terrifying to fight my ED everyday and I’ve accepted that this is a fight I will have to continue to fight for as long as I live. 

I have so many plans for HAUS of HAIRROR for the upcoming year and I can’t wait to start creating. As for what’s new, I’ve been doing a lot of work on and I’m feeling my oats here guys. I have been learning to code to build the website to what it is now and I gotta say, it takes a lot of work. I have a new appreciation for programmers and coders (SHOUT-OUT to my boyfriend for dealing with me/making sure I don’t throw my computer out my third-story window). 

  1. Online Booking & New Prices: I know, right? We have a full service menu, calendar and online booking page that allows you to book whenever is convenient for you. This makes it easier for you to see what our hours are, what appointments are available, and pre-book for the busy times! It may not be perfect so if you have any troubles booking and need assistance, you can contact HAUS of HAIRROR directly to book an appointment!
  2. New Blog Layout: I know, right? Looks pretty. HOWEVER – it is only temporary so don’t get too excited. HAUS of HAIRROR is still playing around with aesthetic on the blog page and figuring out the future of the blog. 
  3. New Collaborations: We are proud to collaborate with so many local artists and this year will be no different. HAUS of HAIRROR will be continuing collaborations with Therianthropic & Co. and have already begun with a photoshoot of Therianthropic & Co.’s newest collection, featuring gemstones and diaphronized specimens, courtesy of The Skull Store. As well, we’ll be welcoming a new blogger to our haus! More coming on that soon. 
  4. Mailing List: We would love to be able to deliver updates, articles, tips, and deals on services right to you. With our new mailing list, you’ll be the first to know about new blog posts, deals and promotions, and even exclusive offers and opportunities! Be a haus mate today by subscribing on our website!

I hope you guys like the new features to HAUS of HAIRROR and are excited to see more. I have so many ideas for HAUS of HAIRROR that will be brought to life. I can’t wait to continue creating and sharing my work with you, and I’m so grateful to have this amazing opportunity called life to be able to do that. HAUS of HAIRROR is my future and I intend to keep building, learning, and working to build something I can be proud of – to make you proud. 

There’s a lot more coming up. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is coming up (Feb 1-7) and it’s the perfect time to share my story to continue my mission of destigmatizing mental health and eating disorders. HAUS of HAIRROR will be offering $5.00 off all colour services for all appointments in February to show strength and solidarity to those whom have suffered and are suffering with eating disorders. As well, I’ll be sharing a variety of blog posts from myself and another contributor on many topics with a new topic everyday. 

As for me, I’ll share more about my time in treatment another day. Intensive treatment is a lot to process and I’m not sure how I want to share my experience yet, if I so choose. By reading my blog, one way or another you’ll eventually learn about my experience. Just know that I am so thankful for all the support I have received from my HAUS of HAIRROR family and that I am actively in recovery – 2 months symptom-free. 

I’m ready – are you?

– HAUS of HAIRROR, Jennifer Walton

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