Sometimes, doing the right thing just sucks

This week has been one of the most draining weeks (not related to my health) that I’ve ever put myself through . 

On Sunday September 20, Shawn and I set out with the mission of rescuing a one month old kitten from a box in the middle of nowhere. She’s the runt of her litter – smaller and weaker than the others – and she had a low chance of survival without proper care. On top of that, she has a gash on her back paw that needs medical attention. We were determined to do whatever we could for this little kitten in order to give her a shot at life. Thankfully, the woman who found her took her to a vet for a check-up and prescribed oral and topical antibiotics to be applied twice a day. She cries out every time we have to apply the medication and it truly is heartbreaking. 

But this little kitten is so brave. Earning her namesake, Amelia was determined to let nothing get in her way. 

Within hours of her rescue, she was playing with us and curling up in our arms. She loves to run and quite often, I’ll find myself struggling to keep up with her – you really wouldn’t realize she has a gash on her paw. Amelia truly is one of the bravest creatures I’ve ever met and she’s only 4 weeks old. She has such a huge heart that is just full of love. When we bottle-feed her, she holds our hands to keep us close and nibbles on them if they get too far away. 

I’m so happy that we’ve been able to fill this role for her at this stage of her life. I wouldn’t take it back for the world. Unfortunately, our home is not the best environment for this angel. We cannot give her the attention she needs and that, right now, is all that matters. We’re sad that she won’t be able to integrate into our family and we recognize that we just want her safe. I want to thank Team Cat Rescue for all of your support in helping us rescue this little girl – I know that you’ll make sure she’s safe and loved – and we couldn’t have done it without you. A special shout-out to Cooper for helping us to do what is best for her. Your guidance through every step of the fostering process has truly made this easier for us, and ultimately for Amelia. 

We dropped her off at her new foster home last night and it was emotional. We’ve connected with her as she has with us. Shawn and Amelia, however, have a special love for each other. In having to spend most of his days caring for her while I was at school, Amelia quickly fell in love with him. She found her favourite spot to sleep just over his heart, curled in a ball and occasionally nibbling on him. I worry about him – how sad he’ll be when he sees something that reminds him of her – and I do my best to remind him that we made the decision to do what was best for Amelia. It’s just hard when you want to be the best for someone and you simply can’t. 

We know that in her new foster home, she’ll have friends to play with, space to run around, and the attention she needs to grow and learn. We know that she’ll be happy and that we’ve given her the best possible start to her life. We know that she’s in the absolute best place for her – we just wish it was with us. 


Jennifer Walton is a graduate of Marca College’s Hair Styling program and an advocate for mental health and eating disorders, with the belief that everyone deserves to have hair that represents their truest self. Located in Toronto, ON, Jennifer is determined to create a safe space for everybody to feel comfortable to get their hair done.

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