Introducing Scheer Design

Hello my little hairballs!

I promised you an update on the upcoming changes happening with the website and I’m finally ready to share extra details about what I’ve been working on. It’s a big project and I’m so excited to be moving forward. 

I am so happy to introduce the newest member to the HAUS of HAIRROR family, Diana Scheer of Scheer Designs, who is going to help me redesign my brand from top to bottom. Diana is currently a student at OCAD and her work has even been featured in a children’s book. I’m truly so honoured to have D join my team to build HAUS of HAIRROR into something that we can both be proud of. We are both so passionate about this project and I hope our passion shows through our work. I am so excited to show all of you what we’ve been working on and I’ll keep you as updated as possible.

I met Diana in September 2020, several days after she had moved into a unit two doors down from me. We connected immediately over drag, rescue animals, and board games. It’s really nice having the opportunity to build a small community in my new condo building – Shawn and I actually have a good group of friends on our floor that we can rely on. Diana even compared our little group of 5 to the iconic ‘Friends cast and started matching us to each character (Shawn and I are Monica & Chandler). 

It was hard to choose a graphics designer and I’m so happy to have met someone so passionate about this project. D, I’m truly excited to be working with you and to find out what our future holds. You’re incredibly talented and I am so thankful to have you joining the HAUS of HAIRROR family.

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