HAUS of HAIRROR is run by Jennifer Knowles, an apprentice working at Rebel Soul in Toronto Ontario. Jennifer graduated from Marca College in 2020, with a passionate for creative colours and wellness in the salon space. Working with Lisa Tuff since September 2022, Jennifer is building upon her knowledge and skills and is on her way to become a licensed hairstylist and Master Colourist. 

Your hair appointment is your time away from the horrors of the world – a spa-like experience. To bring you into the present, each appointment starts with a breathwork ritual to ground yourself and connect you to yourself and your stylist. Allowing someone into your personal space, even for something as special as a hair appointment, can be difficult and building a connection helps to create a safe space for communication. We want you to be able to relax throughout your appointment and trusting your stylist is the first step. 

In the studio, we do our best to create a spa-like experience. By incorporating breathwork, essential oils, and massage techniques, your hair appointment becomes a sensory-relaxing and grounding experience. 

HAUS of HAIRROR uses Wella, Artego, and R+Co products inside of Rebel Soul.

Curious about Breathwork?

Wellness Wednesday with Lisa

Join in this healing workshop to learn more about and experience breathwork from the comfort of your own home.