Hi there! 

Wherever I may be right now I am happy to know you have found Haus of Hairror’s website developed by yours truly. I am Diana and my pronous are she/they. I am a south-american queer, feminist little puddle of anxiety and glamour. 

Joining Haus of Hairror was unexpected, but definitely meant to be. Me and Jenn were neighbours through the pandemic and she’s honestly one of the reasons I could make it through the day with a smile on my face. Since meeting her, there is so much I have learned about eating disorders in so many different spectrums and nuances. Thanks to her I have learned that eating disorders do not exclusively attach to body image like I had assumed before or how one perceives their own body image. ED is serious business and it can be a lot more silent and a whole less obvious than we think. 

From the moment I understood that self love can take forms such as preparing yourself a nice bowl of food for lunch I understood the importance of treating myself right. 

To sum it all up so you book your hair appointment feeling like you already know me, here it goes: 

  • I am probably the biggest Lady Gaga stan you’ll ever meet in your life.
  • My favourite thing to eat is sushi and I would 100% eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life. Fuck you, mercury poisoning.
  • I have a kitty named Garbage and a guinea pig named Badger. 
  • I listen to Candlemass on a daily basis. 
  • I have been into Graphic Design for 10+ years! 
  • I enjoy playing League of Legends although I don’t consider myself much of a gamer. 
  • My favourite colour is ultramarine blue. 
  • My favourite flower is the yellow lily. 
  • I love miniature things.